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Gnight, I had fun today.


A GIF Guide To Hot Guys

hahahaha likelikelike

Thought Catalog

Hot Guys Are A Source Of Wonder

source of wonder

He’s looking for you, baby.

Where Do They Come From!

dont ask questions

No one knows.

They Make You Feel Good

Make You Feel Good

A hot guy who is also nice is a rarity!

They Look Innocent Because They Are Perfect And Nothing Is Wrong With Them At All, EVER

The Can Seem So Pure

They never get constipated, never get pimples, they always smell good and everything about them is perfect all the time always. They even know their angles.

People Throw Themselves At Hot Guys

people throw themselves

Everyone’s gotta get a piece.

Some Guys Don’t Even Realize How Hot They Are

dont know how hot they are

They are the absolute best.

They Are Hot Leaning On Trucks

Hot On Trucks

Science has shown that all guys are much hotter against a truck. What could it be?

They Are Hot Doing Pushups

hottest when they are doing stuff

It’s a very suggestive workout activity.

Unfortunately, Some Guys Know They’re Hot And Prefer To Rub It In


Wait you…

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Thank you, girls, for the amazing memories

The 3 weeks in Taiwan were really fulfilling.


Partner in crime, thanks bud 🙂


We’re not allowed to post any pictures of the girls’ faces up on the internet to protect their identity..
nonetheless, I’ve kept them in my phone/mac so I can look back at their faces again whenever I miss these girls.
This was one of my student! She’s a really diligent and sweet girl.

I guess society just needs to give them some time to pick themselves up,
and they’ll realise how beautiful they actually are and what great things they can achieve in the future.

“With a broken wing,
she carries her dream
Man you ought to see her fly”



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Exactly one month since I’ve last updated this space. So I’ve been away from Singapore for approx a month, from Bangkok to Taiwan.

This Bangkok trip was a really spontaneous one. It started when we had Samba prac as usual, and Zhiyu was discussing with me about going overseas together, so we decided to make it a Surdo trip. Everyone was really steady, they said “YES” and the decision was made all in a day. Because I dont want people to backout and I wanted to get cheap deals for trip, I immediately went to book the flights/accomm. So yes, thats the trick guys. You have to make fast decision and act quickly so group trips like this will work.

My first meal in Bangkok is always at Platinum Fashion Mall. 475266_10151482495768052_646300518_o905245_10151482496258052_718287696_o 913814_10151482496623052_2007909399_o

The girls bought gifts for our surdo hunks hehh.466890_10151482497058052_810867393_o 901113_10151482497498052_1530048566_o

Adventurous boys + Giselle had crickets for snacks. Ew. They said there was a “Baygon” aftertaste. Double ew.465136_10151482498933052_1099044752_o 901049_10151482499368052_2137263418_o

Day 2, we met this random Thai aunty who guided us and hailed cheap tuktuk for us. She said she treated us(the girls) like daughters hahaha.901155_10151482500078052_1545403981_o 922181_10151482500903052_1941320784_o 466605_10151482500483052_1558125552_o

Ezra tempted by the MAGNUM cafe902766_10151482502878052_422750882_o

But eventually settled with roadside coconut icecream904810_10151482503233052_1523455268_o 902741_10151482503973052_852537106_o

Phad Thai!!!! Something you can never get sick of.479393_10151482504068052_593856092_o 922204_10151482504208052_920068127_o

Day 3. This is our hotel btw, it’s a really new hotel, opened just this April and the service was good! Could still smell the fresh paint on the walls.921173_10151482504553052_99720465_o

We head over to Terminal 21! m in love with this building because it’s designed to fit many world famous cities under one roof, such as London, Japan etc. Even the restrooms are different in each level.473063_10151482505913052_1290115618_o 473464_10151482509378052_1056005422_o 459557_10151482509538052_248763455_o 922492_10151482510723052_1157656698_o 477367_10151482511033052_668237144_o 459955_10151482511108052_694174793_o 902735_10151482512923052_1597136337_o 919531_10151482513338052_2021127977_o 920545_10151482513958052_1968606665_o 921525_10151482514193052_969129529_o

Caught sinning. But this prata thing is SO FREAKING GOOD. One serving is not enough.465998_10151482514998052_786366186_o 474509_10151482515178052_1754847989_o

A magnum each before we embarked on our 100minutes walk to Chinatown!919467_10151482515158052_183356130_o 919798_10151482515233052_1540914668_o 459206_10151482515438052_1904450243_o

Finally here!! This awesome seafood restaurant recommended by my cuz. It’s called T&K Seafood Restaurant, which sells really cheap and fresh seafood dishes. We were too hungry so we didn’t capture much foodporn.472594_10151482516133052_221929079_o 477268_10151482516068052_82047642_o 921740_10151482516183052_1097338307_o

Day 4!!! Blazing hot sun day at Chatuchak!473401_10151482586133052_1634859638_o467032_10151482586523052_53987713_o

Met Justin (our surdo senior there). He came with Deb 472944_10151482590013052_1839563005_o

Oh hyessss. MASSAGE ALMOST EVERYDAY. Tried both full body and foot massage. I must say the full body is still the best (even though it felt like the masseuse is wrestling w me), the foot one is too itchy for me lolol.459166_10151482595128052_376186165_o

Last day at Bangkok we did some last minute shopping at Platinum!!!! Bought tuna and corn pies at Macs. I like to try different Mac pies from different country, because they normally serve different kinds of pies apart from apple pies. Taro pies from Sg macs sucks btw.

Surdo 1904765_10151482600923052_2003297306_o

Surdo 2467183_10151482600483052_932618810_o

Surdo 3477242_10151482597918052_492045636_o

Last but not least, Surdo 4!467036_10151482599338052_713736358_o

Just in case you’re wondering, Surdo 1-4 represents the instruments that we play. All are surdo (drums) but they differ in sizes, with one being the biggest and 4 the smallest.

Model Dan920030_10151482601743052_1906197632_o


HOME SWEET HOME.905424_10151482610953052_397197541_o

Can’t wait to see the samba people later for prac. I miss my purple liners!!