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Hot Guys Are A Source Of Wonder

source of wonder

He’s looking for you, baby.

Where Do They Come From!

dont ask questions

No one knows.

They Make You Feel Good

Make You Feel Good

A hot guy who is also nice is a rarity!

They Look Innocent Because They Are Perfect And Nothing Is Wrong With Them At All, EVER

The Can Seem So Pure

They never get constipated, never get pimples, they always smell good and everything about them is perfect all the time always. They even know their angles.

People Throw Themselves At Hot Guys

people throw themselves

Everyone’s gotta get a piece.

Some Guys Don’t Even Realize How Hot They Are

dont know how hot they are

They are the absolute best.

They Are Hot Leaning On Trucks

Hot On Trucks

Science has shown that all guys are much hotter against a truck. What could it be?

They Are Hot Doing Pushups

hottest when they are doing stuff

It’s a very suggestive workout activity.

Unfortunately, Some Guys Know They’re Hot And Prefer To Rub It In


Wait you…

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