Fast fooooood. very bad.

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10. Highest Of Highs: Anything From Chipotle

If there were a ring large enough to fit around a burrito, how many of y’all would get down on one knee and wife Chipotle up? You know you’ve got an issue when you feel genuine happiness every time Chipotle sends you a text via your SMS subscription. As far as fast food standards go, eating here is like dating models. Don’t get me wrong, there are other joints out there in select cities that some can plead a subjective case that they’re a “prettier model,” but nobody can convince me that Chipotle doesn’t have a symmetrical face and a fantastic body.

9. Pretty High Up There: Panda Express

Look at you, you fancy mofo! As far as hastily acquiring food goes, Panda has to be amongst the leaders in quality. After all, they have meats, noodles, rice and veggies, which is usually…

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