Working hard here is no longer the same as working hard in the past.

I was conversing w Zhiyu over lunch today, and we both felt like we’ve lost the motivation to study. Yknow, unlike in sec sch/jc, you know what grades you want to achieve to enter whichever school after you graduate. And at least you know your effort will pay off when you work really hard. Whats more, I kinda like going to school in the past because I know I’ll be spending a lot of time w my clique everyday, plus I wont get sick of it. But right now, I have no goal. And despite studying really hard for my mids, I still don’t do as well as I expect myself to. Its a pity that the people whom I hang out w in SMU rarely have similar timetable as mine. Too many acquaintances here.
Samba’s really stressful now. The thought of Samba’s trip to Japan this summer makes me excited, yet depressing at the same time. I really wish to go, I’ll be able to meet Annlyn there!!! ♥ but still. Im afraid I can’t qualify/ pass the audition. Im trying out for camp faci position w Dan and Javier too. That shall be plan B if Jap fails. Omg what if both plans fail.
k I just hope the junior band won’t be segregated after this trip. Honestly, the exco election issue is beginning to hurt the band alr. Its a vicous snowball. Too much politics and all. I hate that.

What am I gonna do? 😦

2.22am. I feel like a lost sheep without a goal.
Lord guide me.