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Wtf should I write here. hm.

Right, okay here’s my post to celebrate Friendship.

New friendships in Uni, so glad to have known youall, my dear section mates πŸ™‚

To the people from my JC clique. I love youall!!! Here’s a group shot from Juncheng bday celebration last Saturday. A pity not everyone is present. 😦

To those who’re still stuck in NYJC, I have absolute faith that youall will do well for A’s! All ze best πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for a proper group reunion after everyone’s exam is over.

Next up, is the guysssssss. Photos from Ethan’s surprise birthday celebration @ Dallas Restaurant & Bar, specially planned by Christy! Sho sweet gaise.

Fresh from the sea.

Even though this guy forever opposes/makes fun of me, I still love you very much!!!
7 years of friendship not for nothing k, that’s why I’d intro you good stuff, like Christy hahahah

So cute. Plus Freddy lost weight and chopped off his girly hair. Good job, feel proud of you hahaha.

Shiyao too pretty. hehe.

Sadly Im not in this group photo, but I still love everyone of you here πŸ™‚

AND FINALLY MY GIRLS. Needless to say, β™₯.

Sweechoon for suppz w the Annlyn & Anetta after party.
I miss this liu sha bao. I need dimsum, it has become an essential survival tool for me ever since I enter Uni.

Im gonna meet the girls again this Wed for afternoon tea πŸ™‚

And today, I had Egg benny for lunch with Nat, Lionel & Weijun. Satisfying meal after we’ve completed our AS mids! Please grant me an A.

I feel so loved with so many awesome friends around me. :’)
Those whom I didn’t mentioned here, it’s because I havent meet youall this week, so no pictures, but do know you’re still very important in my life and I appreciate that very much yay.