Some time back @ Samba camp. 

Surdo buddy Zhiyu & our senior captain Roger at the face paint workshop!

Carrying our weapons for our photoshoot at fort canning

Surdo babies

Us at ROM lollll.

Honestly Im quite stress whenever I go for samba prac, like I feel that I lack some sort of talent/concentration especially all the solo parts omgz.

Some time during recess week..
Avalon & Zouk w Bev, Mew, Mac & Co. and some of the Sambistas

YJ left us on Tue for UK. Happy for him actually, that he’ll be studying med instead of staying in smu, doing something that doesn’t interest him like accountancy. And he’ll be able to join Julian, who’s also studying med at UK. I guess Im probably gonna miss his crap sometimes. Man, I wish to be able to do that too, quit sch now, fly to UK and study abroad w my best friends 😦

Sighhhhh. what am I doing now. hmm.

“Let’s play a game.”