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Hi, spontaneous people are simply awesome people.
Photoboothing ytd. macmac w her fake smile haha. I wish im photogenic, even bird asked me why am I not photogenic 😥

Now this is what I call girls just wanna have fun.

IKR We are so retardeddddd and I look so unglam.

It’s samba camp tmr! No idea what to expect, I do hope its gonna be really fun, playing music & sports and watching people get drunk at night hehhh.
Here’s the theme for the Handover night during camp!! Everyone’s gonna be all spontaneous and dress up disastrously. woohoo how fun is that.

And hopefully i’ll be able to catch up w my sport camp group for suppz after my camp on tue 😉

Live your day.

You deserve a chance to shine, you’ve been waiting all your life
to live Today
I know the world’s been unkind. Go ahead and take your time
Today is your day
Moments like these don’t last forever, so the seconds tick away
the choice is yours so now or never..
(don’t let it slip away)