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Last night’s barworks w Nat & Poon @ The Basement Cafe.
Here’s my first cocktail! Made Sex on the beach.

Did B52 shot and Magarita Shooters too. We tried mixing our own drink, with whatever and however we want it, and surprisingly it tastes pretty good!

Went to meet Laura, Elizabeth, Natasha, Poon, Yj, YY, Jeremy & Dylan later that night @ Newton to settle our dinz. SADLY, the stalls were closed + it was almost 11pm + I was hungry like a monster. So our Plan B was Swee Choon Dim Sum. Our journey there was so retarded because it was practically 3 cars driving in circles, and we only reach our final destination at 12+am. Wth, Jeremy should never ever lead the way. And Yj is a reckless driver, me & bird almost died sitting in his car. omggggg. Anyhow, we all had a satisfying meal!!! Heh.

Met Laura, Poon & YY for lunch today at Ah Loy Thai. Woohoo it was so good!!!!! Everyone should try! Shit, I love Thai food. I miss Thai so much, Im craving for it nao ☹

Today’s also wine appreciation day w Laura & Russell @ Botanic Garden! Quite a chill experience, we get to try 4 different types of wine(both red and white), ate some delish patries and I met a few new friends from this club. I think we’re gonna join their exco since their commitment is quite… little hahaha.

Me and Laura drank 8 glasses of wine. Russell drank more and he had to drive us back to school. Bad. He is reckless driver no.2

Nat is a good girl!!! She went back to school to study and I accompanied her. And so much for “4 day work week” plan and “destress Friday”. Ohwellzzz, I should start studying. Like really, serious studying. Anw, Im still damn sleepy after all those Thai food and wine and tarts anw. Damn I feel like a pufferfish now. ARGH.