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Hi!! Its hard to accept the fact that my 8 months of holiday is finally over and it’s back to school again! In about 3 days time, I’ll be attending my first class in SMU, hahaaaaa so exciting.

And here’s my beloved ny buddies!!

Asoc group

Chestman!! Met him from Bondue hahaha why he so shy

Bondue 2 helpers


Sexy red head.

It’s Charlene (Bopeep)’s 19th!!!

This Guorong, cannot maintain please.

I love this. the colour and everything 🙂

Hello why you guys so chio ♥

Tmr’s gonna be my last day @ work. Gonna miss the fun colleagues. Gonna have department lunch at Holland V tmr, prolly eating Mexican foooood. K, the thought of it is making me hungry!