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Hiiiiiii. Frankly, among the 3 camps I’ve gone to, this is the worst one.
Maybe it’s the weather, or the living condition, or the games, or the food, or maybe it’s just the company, my group is a little too.. shy, especially the guys. Le sigh. Anyhow, I’ve made some nice friends along the way, and 2 awesome facis!!

Milo pond

KASH. haha ya thats his name, same pronunciation as “Cash”. Funny guy.

Finale night!

Haha thank god I have them! Else I dont know how bad this camp’s gonna be. Luke Laura Yj from my sports camp group.

The “how to play to win” lecture begins as I slowly doze off on the table..
Can’t blame me, that day was my 7th day of camp.

Water bomb game. Im pretty good at aiming k loll.