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Here’s my last camp. Im so proud of myself for enduring through 10/11days of camp!!!
Here’s my awesome group, Phoebe hahaha. Just when you thought a theme like Odyssey should have a more macho and cool warrior name, ours just happen to be the cuter one out of the 20 groups. Our clan is Titans.
Sadly, this is our only full group shot because Elson left the first night for Korea. He’s bringing Kimchi back for us. yessssss, I love anything spicy, everything sour.
The first day was just fringe games around the campus. Lunch was good, there was Koi. Dinner was better because there’s chewy junior! That’s actually our prize for being the top 10 groups for the day.

Sabotuer!!! hahaha Yknow how to play this? Our game while waiting for our night activity.


We won the game that night, hahah and we were rewarded w Ben&Jerry’s yummmm. This is a super welfare camp, just so you know.

Amazing race! Or should I call it, food race.

Completion of the Amazing race. We came in 8th.

10 men pyramid!!!

This Boonyi can even twist hahaha

Guess what were we watching in the gsr, running man! That’s our night activity after the show itself.

Sentosa Day!
This is evidence to show how rough guys can be!! I was just trying to throw the ball into the loop, when this guy from the opp team tried to play rough. Still made me wet by splashing water on me, deliberately. What is this.


Hahaha this game damn funnyyyyy. Piggyback someone, run through an obstacle while the one on the back scrubbbbbbs, collect as much foam as you can!!

Scrubbbbing boonyi’s hair

Hahahaha this Jon like never open his eyes please.

Human scissors paper stone.

Tug-o-war! Ian(Our clan head) is damn good. Because we have too little guys, like 2 left in our group that day, so he came to play for us. All we have to do, is lean back and look up at the sky, the rope will naturally move! Omg HE IS DAMN STRONG.

Chillin at Bras Basah Macs till 2am. Hahah I like my Asoc group too, bunch of funny people.


Elvan looks just like Russell. Yknow who is Russell from the DIsney Pixar movie UP! ?

Elvan. HE LOOKS A LOT LIKE RUSSELL IN REAL LIFE. hahaha, best bud yo.