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For the past 10 days, I’ve sweat a lot, cheered a lot, played a lot and of course made lots of new friends 🙂
Let me start off with sports camp.
Initially, I was pretty reluctant to participate in this camp, cause I’ve got no swim cert, neither do I have the time to go down for their swim test so they say Im not suppose to join in any water sports/activities. How depressing. But yea since I’d registered for it, I should just go for it. This camp honestly didn’t let me down. We played LOTS of sports.
Day 1 games:
Water polo

Floorball. You see this ridiculously photogenic guy? Well that’s my facil, Marcus.

Cheerleading. Okay, this is so not my sort of game, Im scared of height. And I feel so guilty, for pulling your hair guys.

Rock climbing

After dinner was 4 hours of MMA/Fencing/Capoeira/Kendo/Karate/Muay Thai/Pencak Silat/Taekwondo/Judo/Aikido/Wushu

All dead.

Day 2 games(Outdoor):



Cage soccer

Our group had to form the STORMED word to complete one of our bucket list tasks. Spot me hahaa.

Im the E.

K who’s that idiot struggling there.

Dragonboat race was our last game for the day.
Our faci, Marcus and Huilin treat us to Laoban! We had our dinner at Old Airport Road. Thank you facis! 🙂

Day 3(Sentosa day):

Face painttttt everyone


Touch rug. And here’s Hannah our team’s coach, illustrating the game plan.

Ultimate Frisbee


Aquathlon, with our best swimmer, Luke!

Bury Marcus

That night was performance night, facis and freshies had to prepare a performance to compete with the other clans. Justice League, did the best!! Yoohoooooo.
The Justice League Clan!

Day 4(MBS):
Fringe games and completion of our bucket list tasks. Can you see who’s this!!



These guys are the burden of this game!!!

Sailing 😉

Justice League won overall BEST CLAN. Awww yeahhhh.
Im glad I went for this camp.

Oh there it goes again. Phone buzzing nonstop because our whatsapp convo too hapz heheee. Hope to see them tonight!