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Departure from the budget terminal. No luggage, just us and a handcarry baggage. First time I check in from budget t., so sua ku right. Ohmy, that terminal really, haha budget.

We had our first meal at Platinum Mall Food Court upstairs. I believe every Singaporean tourist to BKK would have gone there to eat, at least once.

Almost everything we wore that night was bought from BKK. Cuz and his friends brought us to eat seafood and to Hollywood! The seafood was really good, Mac and Jialing really swept off all the crabs you can find on our table. Anw, I dont fancy the clubs in BKK, maybe cause I dont appreciate Thai music. The bar table doesn’t even look like a bar table. What’s good about clubs there? The cheap bottles. Then again, I don’t really drink. So ya, no fun.

Chaktuchak on a beautiful Sunday.

You cannot miss this out if you’re there. The coconut icecream is just too cheap and delish!!!

Look at the queue!!

Random street food for lunch. 

We tried the Thai ice tea ice cream too.

Okay, for the next few day it’s just shopping eating and more shopping.
random snapshots:

Thai massage!! 8bucks/hour. super worth it.

Room service

I eat Pad Thai almost everyday, but I wont get sick of it.

Red soup noodle. Bought this from a street side eatery shop, honestly I think it taste like my vomit. Okay, but Mac said it’s pretty good. So yea, maybe it’s just my taste bud.

Last minute shopping @ Platinum. Macccccc so cute, she carried the dessert bowl around the mall. It was pretty much a dare, to bring the whole bowl back to our hotel.

The girls bought some “kiam seng di” before we head off to the airport. I learn this term from them hahah, it’s what you call the dried preserved food.

Home sweet home

Okay, this is a really delayed post. It’s almost a month since the BKK trip. Next post will be about my uni camps. 3 consecutive camps, all in 10 days. Anw, Im quite tan now. Not as bad as the Touch rug period, so Im happy w my tan!!!