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All day breakfast @ Antoinette Palais Renaissance

And here’s mineeee. Britanny Crepe!

I chose this cake, Antoinette, which is also what their signature cake. Ohmy, this is the best bday cake Ive had! Dont belittle a tiny cake like this okay, it’s a taste of heaven, simply delish!

And.. Gone.

The boys had Strawberry shortcake. How compatible!

Art gallery at 313!

LOL. Hi fatz, why Annlyn’s fist you also want to eat. Is there anything you dont eat?

My favourite polaroid for the night!

Thank you girls for this awesome gift! Ive always wanted to get Burberry Brit Sheer. hahaha I really feel that my birthday this year, is totally #justasplanned

Thank you girls for making my night as beautiful as you girls are!
It’s like my wishes are being fulfilled, one by one.
Tonight will be birthday party part 2, this time it’s with the girls, some of the guys, and my bkk girls(Mac, Mew, Bev). To make the night better, we’re hopping. Yeahhhh man, Im so excited.
7 years of friendship, ever so bonded.