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So ytd was yet another awesome night spent w the guys! Im still surprise that freddy turned up, haha applaud the effort. Dinz was at Dallas Restaurant and Bar, the food is good! No wonder the high % of recommendation from hungrygowhere and food blogs.

Caesar Salad for starters.

Salmon for mains.

And here’s Garey’s New York Cheesecake.

Beeeesting! Thank you for always being the one who takes care of me when Im not sober, and I know my birthday event is you create one, not Xavy Lim Big Head. Yayyyy awesome sister!

THAT CHAIR. Else, it’s a really pretty picture.

Im using the polaroid you guys gave me last year, honestly one of the most useful gift ever. 😉

THANK YOU GUYS FOR THIS AWESOME CAKE. I love matcha. All things matcha 🙂

Oh and then there’s the same cliche yet awkward moment when your friends sing “happy birthday” song to you, and you dont know whether to sing-along or smile or just stare into space likka tard. Dont tell me you dont feel that way.

Thanks Ethan and Christy for this bottle of Belvedere!! It’s my first gift this year.

And my anf model sister hahaha



And the girlssss!! I think we should recruit more girls hahaha

The ex-volleyballers. lololl.

My 6 / 7 years of friendship w this bunch here!!

This boy just puked!!

And he’s practicing how to take self portraits hahahah


Thanks guys for this wonderful birthday party, I had a lot of fun. LOVE YOU GUYS A LOT.
Tonight will be dinz w my fam, and tmr THE GIRLS. YAY CAN’T WAIT.