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HAHA Domino’s Pizza at Garey’s on a Saturday night!!

5 Pizza divided into 6 portions only, damn imagine how much Im eating.

Shiyao came after too and she requested for some salted caramel. Met my army boy cuz @ salted caramel too!! Such a coincidence, not to mention we were eating ice cream at such unearthly hour.

Garey choking Xav!! YAYYYY.

Thanks guys for being so spontaneous!!! Really love you guys for it. And Garey for being sucha great host, even though I volunteered your house for you. Gonna up your rank now!! 😉

Drag myself to church. I ONLY HAD 3HRS OF SLEEP.
Ritz peach strudel w my churchies after. I love hanging out/chillin after service w em.

HOME AND COMA TILL 8+. I should embrace weekends like these. Healthier choice. Not that eating junkies are v healthy, but relatively healthier to my other lifestyle hah.

Bye xx