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Hop hop hop.
From Mink

To Butter!
This iz so cutez. Screenshot from my Instagram. Ohyes Im so in love with Instagram, it does magic.

Guysss never go butter w/o VIP!!

Sleepover @ macmac’s and we had pizza for brunch!

Prolly gonna meet the guys for some Dominos pizza tmr! Yes please help me clear those coupons. I bought some coupons from a guy who came knocking on my office door 2 weeks back. You’d prolly experience this when you’re working in an office. It may not be Dominos, maybe some other restaurants selling coupons/member cards. But anyway, this guy looked really pitiful trying to sell his coupons away, like how I went door-to-door selling ice-cream years ago. So my colleagues and I decided to buy a set of coupons from him, since yknow pizza is one of my all-time-fav american delights. Now I have so many coupons and I have to finish ’em by Aug!

Need some help here );