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Xavy birthday dinz @ Waraku 

Happy birthday!! I know you enjoyed your birthday, glad you did!
Good to have you around s’goon, we can always jiak dinz/supper w the other sgoon/bishan people teehee. And yay you manage to change your flight schedule so you can serve me+bev & friends on my flight to bkk!! How honoured are you lolol.

Damn sad we’ve got no group photo that night, but iz okay the next time we shall take!
kk dimsum w the guys soon!

After church > Vic’s house > Met Vivi the ahfat dog. She’s big and fat but really obedient!! I.want.a.dog.too. I’m gonna sneak home one someday, like how I brought a bunny back home 9 years ago. #secretmission

Had dinz @ Christy’s place w the rest. So nice of em, they cooked while I was coma for 4 hours.

Nelson’s first attempt! Looks good? Taste pretty good too.

Special thanks to Nelson the chef of the night! And his fam for being such an awesome host. (:

Am gonna be so busy this week. YAYYYY love to keep my schedule packed.
Im expecting some lack of sleep, I hope that means a lower chance of having nightmares. Have I mentioned about this, I haven’t been sleeping well these days. Yknow I rather not dream at all mannnnn.