Who says pancakes are for breakfast? We had this for dinner.

Shijie’s Druggies, Ann’s Banana, and my short stack + rum + corned beef.

Highhh low. Okay this is kinda random.

Thanks girls, for spending two consecutive nights with me even though you’all were really drained after work. VIRTUAL HUG.

And here’s my supper buddies. Beeting xavy ethan and garey @ upper thomson! It’s funny how we got lost while travelling there, yknow these are times when maps fail you, and xavy’s car stalled 4/5 times on the road + the cab driver behind us with his fcking pissed off face. Super funny!

Thanks guys for today, catching up, talking crap, eating good food and just being there for me when Im really stressed and upset now :’) Yay I really love awesome friends like you’all, appreciate it soooo very much. We should have more of these midnight sessions.

I hope everything will be fine. I must be strong.
I shall be on hiatus for a while.