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Here’s to my dearest roooomie!! I love this girl so much! She really takes good care of me, especially during that 21 days in India. She woke me up every morning, style/braid my hair, made sure I was well fed, and kept warm. Im really fortunate to have her as my roomie. Oh and she rmb everyone’s birthday so there’s always birthday celebrations every now and then. Isn’t this awesome. 
We celebrated her birthday last Wed, and it was definitely an
 amazing night.

Dinner was at Seoul Yummy, The Central. Looks good righttt. I only ate the matcha dessert cause I wasn’t v hungry. It was delicious too, anything matcha is good to me 😉

Fruit tart from Fruit Paradise! I think this should be one of her most expensive birthday “cake”. Plus it’s not the usual, (and boring yet fattening) chocolate cakes. Hahah.

We borrowed a chef’s knife to cut this cake.

Cheers to ladiesssss night!
Zirca > Le Noir > Heli

Mac’s birthday is next, and we’ve already planned out our next celebration. Not suppose to reveal anything yet. Yoohoo!