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The day when Im back from Japan, the guys celebrated Beeting’s 19th!

Then USS with the churchies the next day, I WAS REALLY DAMN TIRED. I think I barely slept for a few hours the night before.

Prolly sat this a million times. Okay, I think it was 7 or 8 times?
I was completely drenched after the water ride and show, thanks Vic for your liverpool shirt hahah. And here’s the not-so-nice churros. Sighhh.


Even though it rained, and we were stuck under shelter for quite some time, I still enjoyed myself VERY MUCH. Thanks all for this very awesome great dayyyy (:

We had marche and jokes for dinner. I feel like eating marche now too.

Kj the peanut 19th birthday @ Clarke Quay!
The peanut and the girls.

The retarded duo

The king of retard.

Birthday gift wrapped in his favourite barbie doll wrapper. Hahaa. Specially from our Bimbo Hannah & Horsie! Okay, at least the gift was a little more manly, Nerf Gun!

He is not crying because he’s sad hahah.

Then there was this impromptu clubbing @ Zirca/Rebel.

The next day, was Shijie’s birthday @ 15minutes!
Finally get to meet the girls ever since I came back from jap.

Last Tue the guys went to send Kuanyu off! He’s at France now, working as an intern at some restaurant. He’s gonna come back and cook french cuisine for us okay!! Okay bye ramsay phua, have funnnnn and see you again in Sept?

Took polaroids before he left so he’ll be able to see us everywhere he go.

And his fam (:

Then thursday was baking/sleepover at MAC’s! SHE IZ SO CUTEZ!!

Mac says my deco is v princess-sy hahaha. All because it’s for my dear enemy’s birthday.

the next day @ The Central.

“My pizza moustache”

This is so BEV.

K time to open her present

HAHA this is so Bev too.

Happy Birthday enemy! I will always hate(♥) you.

After party club. Bev and the guys took the later cab, so we queued separately for Bump tix. They didn’t manage to get the Bump tix, out of luck man. We all went over to Fash, I didn’t quite like it. That night we travelled from Butter > Avalon > Helipad.

The next day, we went for Mad Thrills @ Zirca. Yeah! That was fun.

And I met this caucasian in the ladies outside Zirca, we started chatting. And guess what! She offered us free entry + drinks @ Le Noir! She actually works there. And there was the place I met a very cute caucasian guy! K bye, I will never like a caucasian.

Thanks for the night girlssss!! and guys.