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Hi!! Im back for the second part of my trip.

Day 6:
This day, we tried to visit the hospital because Annlyn’s grandma hasn’t been her usual self for quite some time. Our attempt failed because the hospital closes registration at 11am in the morning! So we end up going for lunch at Royal Host. We had Western.
Too cute!!!! Took this outside the hospital. May I have your number, boy?

One of my favourite soup. Pumpkin! Too bad this only comes in a very small serving.

Made our way back to Tokyo. And Annlyn’s uncle bought some sushi and takoyaki for our dinner that night. They call this “simple”, I call this good.

Day 7:
SHOPSHOPSHOPSHOP TILL YOU DROP AT LALA POT. The legs almost died. We were out since 9am till about 11pm. (Partly due to the unexpected typhoon that night that killed 3 people in Japan. One of which died because he was climbing on top of his rooftop. Yes, its true and I have no idea why would anyone risk his life like this.)
Some hilarious shit we spot at the mall.

Annlyn: You look like something there.
Me: What

THIS. HAHA sorry couldn’t stop laughing.

LUNCH TIME. Finally a time for us to rest our poor feets. We had lunch only at 3, I believe I was starving, for the first time there.
Annlyn’s Creamy Udon.

Mine’s cod roe, with raw eggs!! It’s the first time Im trying raw egg w udon and it really taste good. Please dont try it with Singapore eggs, Annlyn say it doesn’t taste as good. Not even good.

Typhoon!! That’s the typical Japan umbrella. Do you recognise it on TV?

Trains were down, couldn’t call for cab. We ran to and fro, from mall to train stn and back to mall under the heavy rain. I almost died cause I thought I was gonna be blown away! Annlyn was my hero because she protected me!!! Aww. But there was this failed moment.
At the exit of the mall…
Annlyn: You wait here. I have umbrella I will go out and find a cab
Me: Nooooooo dont leave me
*Annlyn opens her umbrella*

*Burst of laughters*

Yup, and nothing feels better than going back home for home cooked food.

OUR BUYS. Can you imagine how we carried so many stuff in that horrible weather?!

Day 8:
The second last day of my trip, IS DISNEYSEA DAY! Yoohoo.
I took too many photos.

Look at my hair!! It’s so long already.

I took this flower while we were on our way to the train stn. So pretty righttt.

All excited and ready to go!

We bought minnie mouse headbands to match our outfits! Annlyn got the pink(to match her red dress) while mine’s yellow(to match my yellow dress, which apparently is hidden under my coat). That’s the fun about going to Disneyland right, you are not yourself anymore.

Initially we queued at Disneyland ticketing counter, only to realise that Disneysea tickets are not sold there! We had to take the Disneytrain to Disneysea, that’s 2 station away. So next time don’t be so dumb like us hahaa.
And finally our tickets!!

Yes, people there transform to disney characters. Like these 2 princesses!

Annlyn said that the new ride “Journey to the centre of the earth” is really exciting, so we head there first. To my surprise, the waiting time at that moment was 220minutes. That’s almost 4 hours?!?! Even the earliest fast pass we could get was 2120 – 2200(Closing time). DAMN, we were there in the morning!!! So much for thinking we were still “rather early”.

Accept the fate. Move on.
We went to visit The Incredibles! Looking handsome.

Haha what’s this guy’s name? I have no idea. But whatever, he’s a star there. Im taking photo with a star, that’s all it matters.

Our first ride. Waiting time: 50min++. It was a kiddy ride. BUT IT DONT MATTER.

Visit Aladdin and friends! Here’s Genie. If only I had a Genie too.


So mischievious

Raging Jafar

Who says bad guys are not adored.

So cute that boy!

And here’s the fairytale couple! Too bad Jasmine isn’t really pretty.

Here’s Daisy!

Dear Annlyn was queueing for our Churros! This one really taste a lot better than the ones from USS.
And here’s our next ride. The Indiana Jones adventure! Please don’t be surprise, cause we’ve actually queued for 3 freaking hours for this.

This is the interior, it really does look that creepy. And to have come this far, you must have already queued for about 2.5hours.

The 4D show that we have fast pass tickets for.

We went for the Mickey Mouse show at night + Fireworks! The place was really far too crowded. I think throughout the whole show I could only see the back view of everything. Siannn. As for the fireworks, our view was better because we climbed to the top of the “Venice-inspired building” to watch. It’s pretty, but I guess the Disneyland one would be better.
Wandering around..

And here’s the ride we didn’t manage to play. It’s called Tower of Terror, something like the Genting’s Space Shot, but 10times more cool.

DUFFY!! It’s sort of like the mascot of Tokyo Disneyland/sea.

And finally, time for the “Journey to the centre of the Earth”!!! And we’ve got fast pass baby!!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS RIDE. Our awesome grand finale.

I spent almost all of my money that I brought there on Disney stuff. Heheee.
We had dinner back home at 11++pm. Great day!!!

Day 9:
Last day in Japan, which means last day to spend all my money, which also means more retail therapy again! Yoohoo I love shopping, you have no idea.
And that was the last morning I get to greet Ran-chan! Imy ):

Here’s the chocolate banana crepe we bought while shopping! It’s sooooo good.

And here’s our dinner @ Coco!

Check it out. It’s so common that working adults cycle to work. Oh yes, in their suits!! You can never find this in Singapore.

Omelettes! Ranging from normal to elephant sizes.

Bought some snacks and we chilled at the park nearby. I finally get to see real sakura that bloooooomed!

Annlyn’s cheese stick that can really blow your mind.

There’s this wild bird, it’s so friendly! We gave him some of my dorayaki. heheee.

Real flowers!!!!!

Yup, then it’s finally time for me to fly back to Singapore
everything here is mine hahahaha and this doesn’t include the stuff I bought from DFS, which is another 3 bags. I almost died carrying everything back home

And one final picture with Annlyn’s uncle!!! He’s really one of the best host I ever met in my life.

All by my self ~

But the best part is I get to occupy three seats to myself!

Do visit Japan! I love the people, the food, the culture, the weather, even the animals are friendly there. It’s really an extraordinary place that I never regret going.

And here marks the end of this beautiful journey.