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(My previous draft sudd went missing, Im extremely frustrated now because I have to retype everything. Argh.)
Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting this space even though I left it rotting for the past few weeks. as much as I want to share my stories from Japan, I simply have too little time to blog. So I’ll try to write as much as I could.

Day 1:
With a luggage to store my holiday paraphernalia + passport, I set off for the airport before dawn. I was super excited the moment I saw Annlyn and her fam! Annlyn’s mum was very friendly, as usual. The checking in process wasted quite a bit of time due to some complications. But it’s okay, all izz well. We travelled with SIA this time, actually I was hoping to try maybe Japan Airline or ANA. Anw, our plane ride was pretty exciting. Lightning strikes the left wing of our plane! I was sitting right beside the window and I could see the sudden flash of bright light right before me. Of course, god bless me and am still alive and kickin.

You see SG.

Annlyn’s, Japanese selection:

And mine, International selection:


Annlyn’s cousin and uncle came to pick us up. Starbucks matcha frappe is so much better there!

A train ticket there is pretty costly. 900yen is about 15sgd.

Haha this guy looks homeless, but he’s actually throwing something into their recycling bin. Go Japan, save the earth!

Dinner at Watami’s Approaches. One of the best meal I ate at Japan! I miss the food there.

Cheesy baby

Caesar salad

Took a Japan Taxi back to Annlyn uncle’s

Home sweet home. Sleeping under the most comfy blankets ever. It’s like polar bear hugging you to sleep. I love warm hugs hahaha.

Day 2:
A day of window shopping, yummy parfaits and long bus ride to Mt. Fuji countryside area.

Ran chan!! Such a qt.

Earthquake cracks:

Elevator girl

That is no ordinary theme park. They have the scariest roller coaster rides in Japan and some were world record holders!

Day 3:
Roaming around the countryside, shopping at Bell shopping centre and Forest Mall.
The view every morning. Beautiful.

Weather there is extremely cold, colder than Tokyo! I had to wear my long johns beneath my clothes. Annlyn is pretty used to the cold, tough girl!

Annlyn calls this capricorn haha so cute.

The owner of this mansion must be fucking rich. This whole plot of land is his! The exterior of his house really stands out among the other typical Jap homes.

Lunch @ King of Ramen in Bell Shopping Mall.

My fav!!!

We walked to Forest Mall from home. Bought hot cans of milk tea to last us through the walk!

The sweets sold in the mall. Cute righttttt

While we were waiting for a taxi outside forest mall.

Fucking cold.

And finally, DINNER!

Mister donut!

Day 4:
A really simple day, shopping around the countryside area and we had cod roe pasta for lunch at a Jap/Italian restaurant.

Baby wear shop! It’s really pretty. Initially I thought it was a wedding dress shop.

Dinner at home

Day 5:
Sightseeing day, chillin and eating good food from a famous Fat udon restaurant(I dont know the name of it but it just looks good)

Here’s my vege and pumpkin udon!! The thickness of the udon is about the size of 2 fingers. You see Im so well fed everyday, no wonder I gained weight! Not to mention I have problem trying to defecate everyday.

Annlyn brought me to this Jap temple

Was your hands with “blessing water” hahah. I think it’s just water.

A tree that lived forever!


Look at how beautiful the scenary is!

This is one of their local snack, and it’s really nice!! The skin has tea flavour while the inside is filled with warm azuki beans!

Damn it Im really craving for it right now. ):

Home for dinner, and cakes for dessert!!! We were suppose to celebrate Annlyn’s grandma birthday, but she became really sick and weird. She lost her appetite that night. I guess it’s normal to be weird when people grow old, like my ahma. I pray that she’ll be better, and happier and hopefully an arrangement will be made for her so that she could spend her day with at least some company around! 

In house entertainment!! Haha Jap comedians fucking funny and retarded.

Kayyy, next post will be the 2nd half of my trip! 😉