I get to watch this movie after Junho’s birthday celebration on Friday. Caught the movie at 0020, and no matter how tired I was at that point of time, I couldn’t get my eyes off the movie. Maybe because I’ve been waiting for this movie for more than a year! So anyway, please do not fall asleep in any part of the movie or watch it when you’re really tired.

And the embarrassing truth is I havent finish reading all three books even though I have the books for more than a year already. The time when I read the first book, was a few days before I travelled to India. I only manage to read the book, HALFWAY. After I came back, I kept telling myself that I’m so busy with schoolwork, and I dont have time to read blablabla. Especially since a good series as such should be read all at one go. So yes, I left myself hanging midway through “The Hunger Games”. I should really reserve more time for my hunger games and read it all at one go!

Btw, I bought an extra “Catching Fire”, completely brand new in package. Please do tell me if anyone’s interested! I’ll let it go cheap. Kthanks.