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Our Ramsay Phua is leaving Singapore because he’s going for an overseas internship @ France for 6 months! How awesome.

I only manage to join the guys after my work and after their chompz dinner, so we had dessert together @ Udders!

The Guys!

Girls + Ramsay Phua

EVERYONE. What an awesome photo!

Here are some random shots that I took. Ramsay Phua recommended this to me. No kiddin, it’s reallllyyyyy good.

Garey has just been promoted to be my pandababy’s model.

Our chef!!

Okay, thanks guys for being my models to test out my cam today. Pretty cooperative too hahaha. Our diver is v sad because he’s stuck in camp doing PT. ☹
Anw, Yongkee just replaced a new cam for me today because the previous one has a faulty charger. Thanks yongk for being the besttttt salesman ever. He took the time/effort to travel to so many places just to settle all my camera problems.

I have awesome friendz! ♥