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Happy birthday godgrann!! She is one of the most benevolent lady I’ve ever known in my life. The sick, the aged, the weak, the lost and the broken ones are people she love the most. I’m so grateful to have her around, cause when I face problems, she’ll be like a pillar of strength to me. More importantly, she has been there to take care of my mum for so long. I aspire to be like her.

Alright, time for some food porn!!

This is really the kind of super cheap but awesome food that I love. Such a simple bun, yet satisfying.

Of course, you should compliment it with your fav sauce. Like this one here, is one freaking juicy meat. I still can’t get over it. Such a small portion here is never enough to satisfy my cravings. But, good food needs to be eaten in moderation, else it’s not good anymore.

+ vege, and the usual tze char noodles that I don’t really fancy. Yam paste for dessert! I love it so much I gobbled it all even before I could snap anything. K enough of all these. It’s making me hungry already. And no, supper is never a solution but a recipe for another problem.

And here’s my ahma. We’ll be celebrating her birthday this year on a cruise! Yayyyyy, my fam and relatives will be there too!

They may be old, but their hearts are forever young. ♥