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Good old music.

Hi, This will prolly be my favourite week of the month because I’m unemployed. But, I feel free. I’m doing whatever I want and can now to keep myself “busy”.

Had a short gathering w the girls w/o junho last night. We went to xinmin and I had my youmian gan! Awesomez.
Here’s the fatty acting cute.

13/03. NUS w yf today. And there I was sitting in the LT, listening to one of the year 2 Econs lecture. I think I don’t fancy it. I guess I would’t like uni econs afterall. UTown is pretty cool, visited the place last year during the tea session. So I thought if I could get into USP/Tembusu, I might just choose to go NUS for a hall life instead of SMU. Yf introduced me to his friends there too, and after listening to his advices/experiences, I honestly think my final decision will still be SMU. So yes SMU, I really want you now. PLEASEEEE WANT ME BACK.