You were the drug, I was the addict. And you know how addicts act when out of drugs? We’re needy, selfish, inconsistent, possessive, oftentimes incomprehensible. The more you pull away, the more I pursue. The less you do, the less I care. You could have been my therapist instead if you have just given it the time of the day, we could have made arrangements for my rehabilitation but in a snap, you cut me out of my addiction. That made me crazier than ever, and to be honest I was never good with quitting bad habits.

But now I’m out of money and out of love, and there’s no point making my point with you. Time is the best rehabilitation program, you have no choice but go with the flow unless you want to drown yourself in your own misery.

And to be honest, I want to save myself. So I quit the bad habit and create another less self-destructing. Like quitting jobs and painting walls. Anything less self destructive than keeping you in my thoughts.

– Kidaokagee