09/03. Farewell 08 and 14. They have been great, (and pretty mischievous too). Nonetheless, this is by far my best working experience. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for long because the teacher on maternity leave will be back next term. My colleagues and mentors all treated me very very well!☺ I will miss my neighbour, Ms Joanne.

Picture of the day: My last with 1214.

HAH. I had absolutely no idea what’s going on there.

Rushed back for Trug camp!!

Im so happy to see the girls again. Mr Singh is still his usual, no tough trg welfare first, so we couldn’t do the 245 for the juniors. IT’S OUR TRADITION. Truggers will have to do PT at 245am during trg camp, it’s just we’ll not be certain of which night its gonna be. Oh and Gerda Huang’s also in charge of trug now! Hah, she came from Mars.

Supper delivered through the spaces between the main gate. tsktsktsk.