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Release of A’s results!! Im happy and I want to thank my teachers’ time and effort for entertaining my queries everytime, my friends who were my best pillers of support, my mum who paid for my last minute econs tuition fees and prayed for me before every exam, and lastly GOD who answered my prayer. Everything was good except GP. I got a D for donkey. Pretty disappointed cause I was hoping for at least a C. But I guess it doesn’t really makes a different cause I just have to pass my GP to enter uni. So yayyyy Im a happy ball today. KJ ALICIA YONGKEE GRACE CHONGWEI etc etc, AND ESPECIALLY SILIANG!!! They were all up on honour roll. Im super happy for them. ☺
And all my friends who’ve done well, congratulationsssss!
Even if you havent done so well, don’t give up! If you have the faith, put in a little more hardwork and determination, you will definitely get to where you aim to be.

Oh and there’s this honour roll guy, I don’t know what’s his name but when he got up on stage to get his cert, he brought up an ‘I ♥ Jesus’ shirt and showed to the whole school! Haha so cute.

K bye everyone!

My photo for today:

Thank you jc clique. You guys have been my most wonderful buddies in school for the past 2 years. And surviving A’s tgt! ♥