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4 more days 4 more days 4 more days.

Damn this is getting me nervous. The worse thing is when I’m working w teachers who constantly remind me of results day. So afraid of expectations. So afraid of disappointment.

Anw, today’s tutorial went well. My students are good. I love em. Maybe it’s too early to say that. But whatever the case is, I’m satisfied. It’s really encouraging to see them trying hard, learning and motivated to do well.☺ Coincidentally, I’m actually teaching a lot of “people-I-know” ‘s sibling.

Anetta requested lunch w us,

Dreaming of…

My dear roomie is so nice. She brought out this book because she said it’s a really good book and wants me to read it too!! Yay. I must flaunt how awesome this roomie is. Love you mewmew ♥

I have 2 awesome books to occupy me for this week!
I just completed my Bridge to Terabithia book today. Somehow I found this book on my bookshelf some time ago. I kinda bought it like when I was in primary school, I still took the effort to wrap my storybooks when I didn’t even read them. What a waste. Now that I have more time w me, I shall read them all. (hopefully)

I feel like I should reply to that. But no.