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Awesome day today because I brought home a new camera for myself!! Yayyyy. Okay initially I was still thinking whether I should get a DSLR or just a normal camera. Just nice Yongkee’s working in his father’s camera shop at Funan, he recommended me to get a digital camera that has functions like a DSLR. It would be better for me since I’m v lazy to carry things, especially heavy and bulky stuff, and I have no knowledge of lenses and it’s function, plus I want a camera that can take ARTSY photos. So, I decided to get the OLYMPUS XZ-1!!! Mew saw how awesome it is, so she decided to get one too. Yay, Roomie cam!

Awesome. Say hi to my panda baby. (Bev thought I should name it this)

Some test shots while we were having dinner @ BOTEJYU.

Alex who sudd pop out of no where and having dinner w us.

Matchaaa ♥

My cam also has the “self portrait” scene mode. Pretty cool.

Using the “pop art” filter. very prettyyyy colour contrast.

+many other art filters and scenes to choose from, pretty similar to Olympus pen! Oh and one of the scene is able to make your face FLAWLESS. Haha how awesome.

If anyone of you would like to get a cam, tell me!! Yongkee has very awesome deals. You may also visit his shop @ Alan Photo, Funan IT Mall.
Tooooodles. ☺