I just realise my livejournal is back to normal cause I can view the photos now. hehee, but Im probably gonna just stick to wordpress.

This week went pretty smoothly. A new job in my school, helping out at Mew’s ex-tuition centre once a while to do some admin work, and giving private tuition. Oh and of course, meeting my girls later! I think my life is rather fulfilling now.

So how’s it like as a school teacher? Well this week I only manage to go for 3 lectures and 1 SPA practise. And for the rest of the time, Im basically chatting with some friends/canteen aunties who still remembers me/my teachers, catching up, reading in the staffroom. Next thursday will be the start of tutorial lessons for the J1s, Im hoping that my class will work hard and do well! I heard this 2012 batch of students are smart people. Still, it’s too early to judge.

Life as a teacher now is wonderful. (:

I did some research in the staff about Lasik. Yes, Im considering to go for a surgery for my left eye though it’s just about 100+degrees? Just so you know, I dont have perfect eyesight. It’s only my right eye that’s perfect. They call this lazy eye? I dont wear specs because I simply find it too uncomfortable, I do own a pair though but my head starts spinning and my eye aches once I put it on. Neither do I want to wear contact lenses cause I dont dare to touch my eye, and what if the lenses goes all the way to the back of that huge eyeball and gets stuck and I die. 

This is lazy eye.





K, my case is not as serious.

But still. Im afraid that if I dont do something about my left eye, it will worsen with time. So an investment of about 1.6-2k is pretty worth it!

I saw this type of surgery called Epi-lasik. It’s a “no-cut, no-flap” kinda thing and its suitable for people who plays sports. It’s not as expensive as those bladeless kind, and it’s less ‘fragile’ as those conventional lasik.